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An exporter must not export wheat in bulk from Australia if the exporter is not an accredited exporter.  Companies wishing to export bulk wheat must apply to WEA for accreditation under the Bulk Wheat Export Scheme (the Scheme). 

The purpose of the Scheme is to attest that an exporter is a ‘fit and proper’ company to export bulk wheat from Australia.

The Scheme does not in any way:

    - Regulate shipments of wheat in bags or containers (<50 tonnes)
    - Indemnify exporters

    - Provide any guarantee the exporter will remain financially viable. 

WEA does not regulate the quality, variety or grade specifications of wheat exported from Australia.

This section deals with:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Applying for accreditation
  • Conditions of accreditation
  • Renewing of accreditation
  • Varying an accreditation
  • Surrendering an accreditation
  • Compliance with the Scheme
  • Reconsideration of a decision
  • Fees

View a flow chart of the application process