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Fact Sheets

WEA publishes a range of Fact Sheets to provide important industry information to stakeholders.

The Marketing Club [PDF 450 KB]

A marketing club is a group of people who meet regularly to learn agricultural marketing (or pricing) concepts. This Fact Sheet looks at the functions and types of marketing clubs. How they should operate and what topics should be discussed.

Your wheat marketing toolbox [PDF 218 KB]

With the availability of forward contracts, futures, swaps and options, wheat growers are no longer limited to one strategy in their marketing toolbox. This Fact Sheet explores some wheat marketing tools and the combinations they can be used in.

Wheat Pools: The questions you need to ask [PDF 428 KB]
Pools manage a large volume of wheat each year and are an important feature of Australia’s wheat marketing landscape. This Fact Sheet outlines the questions you need to ask a prospective pool manager before you commit to a pool provider.
Date published: 15 August 2010

AQIS and Marine Surveyors [PDF 111KB]
Australia's reputation overseas, as a wheat exporter, is underpinned by a favourable pest status which enables market access to many importing country destinations.
Date published: 20 May 2009

Bulk Wheat Exports [PDF 677 KB]
Changes under the Wheat Export Marketing Act 2008 (the Act) have demonstrated that strong demand exists for Australian wheat internationally.
Date published: 1 June 2009

Chemical Residues Importing Country Requirements [PDF 290 KB]
Grain for export must meet importing country Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs). This is an important part in continuing to secure access to key export markets.
Date published: 22 April 2009

Grain Rail Freight in Australia [PDF 105 KB]
Rail is a high volume transport option and has economic, social, safety and environmental benefits. However, competitive forces and a rationalisation process within the grains industry has increased grain tonnage being transported by road.
Date published: 28 May 2009

Melbourne Port Terminal and the access test [PDF 122 KB]
WEA holds the view that, under the Scheme, the port terminal service at MPT is not required to be the subject of an access undertaking accepted by the ACCC after 1 October 2009.
Date published: 23 April 2009

Vessels Failing Survey and the Cost to Industry [PDF 191 KB]
The Australian wheat industry enjoys an excellent reputation in the world wheat market. The industry has strict quality control measures in place to ensure Australia's reputation in not lost once grain is loaded onto the vessel.
Date published: 20 May 2009