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Application Fees


Under the Act, WEA can charge a fee on a cost-recovery basis for the processing of applications under the Wheat Export Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme). The Scheme sets out the following application fees:

  1. Accreditation application fee: $13,299 (Incl GST)
  2. Renewal of accreditation application fee: $7,084 (Incl GST)
  3. Variation of an accreditation application fee: $6,248 (Incl GST)
  4. Reconsideration of a decision application fee: $3,344 (Incl GST)

All application fees are non-refundable.

Fees can be paid via electronic funds transfer or bank cheque and must accompany an application form.

For payments made via funds transfer, documentation of proof of payment must be submitted with the application form. WEA bank details are included in each application form.

For payments made via bank cheque, the cheque must be attached to the application form.

WEA will not start processing an application form until the relevant application fee has been confirmed as received.