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Having received accreditation, an important role of Wheat Exports Australia is to monitor the accredited exporter’s compliance with the Scheme including conditions of accreditation and the “fit and proper” criteria.

To monitor “fit and proper” criteria of an accredited exporter, WEA has the power to arrange for an external audit.  Areas normally audited are governance, financial and risk management, systems and processes as well as continuous disclosure (shipping stem).

Accredited exporters are required to provide annual compliance and export reports in addition to other relevant information to assist with the monitoring process.

As a condition of accreditation, an accredited exporter is required to notify WEA if an event occurs or the exporter’s circumstances change, such that it could have an adverse impact on its accreditation.  WEA has published Notifiable Matters guidelines to assist accredited exporters comply with this important condition of accreditation.

WEA also has the power to obtain information and documents from accredited exporters.

This section deals with:

  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Notifiable matters
  • Executive officers
  • Annual reporting

Flow chart of Accredited Exporter Monitoring