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Monitoring the shipping stems

Under the Wheat Export Marketing Act 2008, accredited exporters, that operate a grain port terminal, must publish on their website a shipping stem each business day. The shipping stem must contain:

  • information relating to the schedule of vessels to use the bulk port terminal facility,
  • the amount to be loaded into each vessel; and
  • the estimated date of loading into each vessel.

If an accredited exporter operates a port terminal service it must comply with this condition under the continuous disclosure rules referred to in section 24(4) of the Act in relation to each port terminal service it provides.

WEA monitors shipping stems on a daily basis to ensure accredited exporters with this condition are complying with the continuous disclosure rules.

To monitor compliance with this condition of accreditation, WEA may also conduct audits of published shipping stems.

The Grain Port Terminal Map (found on the main menu) shows the 20 grain port terminals in Australia - the colour coded tags provide details of the associated shipping stem and related port authority.