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Notifiable matters

Accredited exporters must report 'notifiable matters' to Wheat Exports Australia (WEA) in accordance with a condition of accreditation under the Scheme. WEA uses the reports to monitor accredited exporters compliance with conditions of accreditation and their on-going ‘fit and proper’ status.

A notifiable matter is an event or circumstance which has the potential to impact on an exporter’s accreditation. Under Section 25 of the Scheme notifiable matters must be reported to WEA.

An event or circumstance is considered notifiable if it:

• constitutes grounds on which WEA could suspend or cancel an accreditation or,
• is likely to lead to the conclusion that the exporter is no longer ‘fit and proper’

Examples of a notifiable matter:

  • breach of a financial covenant
  • breach of continuous disclosure rules.

The report must be submitted to WEA within 14 days from the occurrence of the event or the circumstance came into existence.

WEA has prepared specific guidelines for notifiable matters. Refer to these guidelines for more information about notifiable matters.

If an accredited exporter has any doubts about whether an event or circumstance would be considered a notifiable matter, the exporter should contact WEA immediately. It is the responsibility of accredited exporters, not WEA, to track and report on notifiable matters.

The report of a notifiable matter must be completed on the Report about Notifiable Matter Form.