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Our Role

Exporters who want to export bulk wheat from Australia must be accredited by Wheat Exports Australia under the Wheat Export Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme).

Wheat Exports Australia (WEA) has been responsible for administering the Scheme since 1 July 2008.


WEA will assess an exporter’s application for accreditation against the eligibility criteria outlined in section 5 of the Scheme.

If WEA decides to grant accreditation, the period of accreditation will not exceed three years. Accreditation is subject to a number of mandatory conditions.

In addition, WEA can impose further conditions at the time of accreditation or at any time during the accreditation. WEA also has the power under the Scheme to vary or revoke an imposed condition of accreditation at any time. WEA will consult with an exporter prior to making the decision to impose, vary or revoke a condition.

WEA can suspend or cancel an accreditation in accordance with sections 30, 31, and 35 of the Scheme. WEA can also consent to the surrender of an accreditation by the accredited exporter in accordance with section 38 of the Scheme.

WEA maintains a register of accredited exporters on this website under the Bulk Exporters menu. The register details the name and ACN of each accredited exporter and outlines the exporter's conditions of accreditation.


WEA monitors accredited exporter’s compliance with the conditions of their accreditation.

WEA monitors exporter compliance with the Scheme. There are severe penalties for those who export bulk wheat and are not accredited by WEA.

Direct an external audit

Under section 31 of the Wheat Export Marketing Act 2008, WEA can require an accredited exporter to appoint an external auditor and arrange for an external audit. The accredited exporter must comply with this requirement.

Requirement of information

Under section 25 of the Wheat Export Marketing Act 2008, WEA can require an accredited exporter to provide information, documents or copies of documents relevant to the function or powers of WEA.

WEA will make a request in writing and allow the exporter at least 14 days to provide the information or documents.

Accredited exporters must comply with a request for information. Penalties apply, under the Scheme, for non-compliance with a request.

Reconsideration of a decision

Under part 6 of the Wheat Export Marketing Act 2008, a person affected by a decision made by WEA under the Scheme can apply to WEA for a reconsideration of the decision.

Produce a report

WEA will publish a Report for Growers by 31 December each year in relation to operation of the Scheme. It will summarise bulk exports and the operation of the Scheme, including compliance of exporters with their conditions of accreditation.

Approve Forms

Under section 44 of the Scheme, WEA may approve forms for the purposes of the Scheme.