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Renewing an Accreditation

Renewal Application Process

Accredited exporters seeking to renew their accreditation to export bulk wheat from Australia must apply to Wheat Exports Australia.

The application must be in writing and lodged:
  1. no earlier than 6 months; and
  2. at least 3 months;
  3. before the expiry of the company’s current accreditation.

The written application must on the approved form which includes the information and documents required and be accompanied by the renewal fee of $ 7,084 (Incl GST).

Additional information or documents

During the processing of an application WEA may need to request additional information from an applicant. WEA will not continue to process the application whilst waiting for the requested information.

WEA may independently verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the application form. This may involve WEA undertaking database searches of applicants and executive officers, or providing limited information to third parties with certain expertise such as accountants or legal firms.

WEA will also consult with applicants to inform them of the progress of their application. WEA is required to consult with an applicant prior to making the decision to refuse an application or to further impose conditions as outlined in the Scheme.

As soon as practicable after making a decision to grant an accreditation or to refuse an accreditation, WEA will inform an applicant in writing.  WEA is required to advise the applicant within 14 days of making the decision however as WEA understands the importance of its decision it will endeavour to inform the applicant within 3 working days.

A person who is affected by a decision made by WEA under the Scheme can apply for a reconsideration of a decision.