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Surrendering an accreditation

If an accredited exporter no longer wishes to export bulk wheat from Australia and no longer wants to be accredited by WEA, it can surrender its accreditation.

In order to surrender an accreditation the exporter needs to apply to WEA and WEA must consent to the surrender before it can take effect.

WEA will only consent to a surrender application if the accredited exporter has:
  1. provided its Annual Export Report and Annual Compliance Report for the previous marketing year; and
  2. given WEA a pre-surrender export report and a pre-surrender compliance report.
An application to surrender can be made on the Surrender of Accreditation Form.

Pre-Surrender Reports

These reports must be completed from the beginning of the marketing year (1 October) until the date the application for surrender was made. For example, if an application for surrender was made on 30 June, a pre-surrender report must be completed for the period 1 October to 30 June.

Pre-surrender Export Report

The Report must detail:
  • The quantity of bulk wheat exported during the period, broken down by specification and country of destination; and
  • The price terms and conditions offered to growers for the wheat (that was subsequently exported in bulk) acquired directly from growers during the period.

The report must be completed on the Pre-surrender Export Report form.

Pre-surrender Compliance Report

The Report detail compliance with:

  • All conditions of accreditation; and
  • Australian laws, and foreign laws that are applicable to the exporter’s export trade in bulk wheat; and
  • United Nations Sanctions provisions.

The report must be completed on the Pre-surrender Compliance Report form.